How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs $10 within Australia and $40 internationally. (Yes it's high. Sorry! It's expensive shipping from Australia. But the shipping per unit decreases the more you purchase.) Please contact us at moonfacehoney@gmail.com if you have further questions about shipping and we can customise something for you if required.

Why buy this honey?

Not all honey is made, or harvested, the same way. This is natural, organic and raw honey from Australia. This means that we know exactly what the bees are feasting on, and exactly how it is harvested. It is filtered but not heat-treated, so the natural benefits of the honey are not damaged from being in contact with heat. Honey is bacterial resistant so does not require processing; Moonface Honey has not bee processed.

I like my honey runny. Why is your honey so thick?

All honey have different levels of thickness. Generally, the runnier honeys have been heat-treated, which impacts flavour and honey's natural benefits.

My honey has crystallised. Is there something wrong with it?

No - crystallisation is a normal process which occurs when the honey has not been heat-treated. If you would prefer to liquify it, stand the honey in hot water. 

What does single origin mean?

Moonface Honey is single origin honey, so the bees have only been feasting on one type of plant.

Why are they 'limited'?

Coffee blossoms only bloom twice a year for a fortnight each time. This means that there is a small window of opportunity for bees to feast on only coffee blossoms, hence why there is limited stock, unfortunately! 

Why buy Moonface Honey over larger brands?

Moonface Honey proudly work with small producers in Australia, as do many other boutique honey brands. Honey is bacterial resistant so does not require processing. 

When does honey expire?

While it is generally recommended that honey be eaten within a year of harvesting, honey does not expire.